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Saltwater Hot Springs in Uruguay

Saltwater Hot Springs in Uruguay

Uruguay counts with a fantastic flow of thermal waters coming from Guaraní aquifer. It majority belongs to freshwater, but they also have the privilege of counting with one of the hot springs which is in Almirón hot springs.

Saltwater Hot Springs in Almirón

It is estimated that saltwater hot springs with more health benefits because of counting with more minerals and sodium. Thermal baths are recommended for skin problems, as well as for diseases related to bones, such as osteoporosis, among others. 

The average temperature of this hot springs is 42 ºC. The municipal resort counts with saltwater thermal swimming pools, either indoor as indoor ones, ideal for those visiting the hot springs in winter. 

The municipal resort is open to the public. Its general cost is $50 (fifty Uruguayan pesos) and children under 11 don’t pay entrance ticket.

Thermal Water Treatments

Almirón also counts with the first saltwater thermal spa, which is designed to offer health treatments related to rheumatism, traumatism, skin problems and also beauty problems. 

Definitely, Almirón hot springs are an excellent place for those who are looking for relaxing holidays and enjoy a natural environment. 


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