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Address: Baldomero Vidal 1581

When you are walking along Baldomero Vidal street in Paysandú, Uruguay, you will meet this recognized place, Cheo Restaurant.

An ideal place for meat lovers who want to surrender to the pleasure of enjoying a good barbecue in a unique environment. It stands out as one of their specialties the classical uruguayan chivito, emblematic dish of the region. According to what some visitors have said, Cheo is responsible of preparing one of the most tasty chivitos in Paysandú.

Cheo Restaurant Menu

Its menu es varied and delicious, since that apart from the specialties with Uruguayan meat with which you can delight yourself, fish and seafood are also among the most important ingredients that pretend to feast visitors’ palates.

The outlines stroll among potatoes with different presentations, a great variety of sauces and delicacies and several salads, all of these with which you can accompany the main course.

A dessert menu also tries to give the final sweet touch to the whole feast, where caramel is one of the most used ingredients and one of the most wanted ones by diners who visit Cheo restaurant.

Cheo counts with areas to eat both indoors and outdoors, where you will be able to enjoy a nice garden. One of its positive aspects is, definitely, its low prices, which make all its different dishes affordable for you, without spending all your money on the food.

We invite you then to enjoy of the environments and delicatessen offered at Cheo restaurant, whenever you are visiting Paysandú.



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