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Chajá in Paysandú

Address: 18 de Julio, corner Luis A. Herrera

When you are in Paysandú, you can’t miss trying is classical product: Chajá. It is a meringue outside dessert, chantilly cream and peaches. This is the legendary dessert created in 1927 and is has established as one of the most classical desserts in Uruguay. It is worth mentioning that it is not only sold in Paysandú, but all around Uruguay.

This dessert is made in Paysandú and it counts with an exclusive confectionery where you will be able to try its different flavours and taste other delights from this shop.

The confectionery, as its name says, is a family business that has been inherited over time. Orland Castellano was the founder and creator of this product and he has learnt how to position it very well, since it has been established as a classical dessert from Uruguay 85 years ago.

Nowadays, other flavours, such as caramel, without fruit and chocolate, have been added to it. One thing is true, if you are in Paysandú, you can’t miss visiting this confectionery and trying its fantastic Chajá dessert.


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