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Paysandú Keeps on Growing: New Bus Terminal

Paysandú Keeps on Growing: New Bus Terminal

As an important event that marks a before and after within the story of Paysandú, it has been collocated the first stone that will enable the construction of what, in a near future, will be the bus terminal and the mall in Paysandú.

Important Works in Paysandú

A fact that has been staged by personalities from the current political environment, and where the main character is the mayor Bertil Bentos, who described the symbolic act as ‘A memorable day, historical!’ It is also worthy to stand out the participation it has had in the development of this flagship project the Accountant Carlos Lecueder, who has promoted, along with the mayor, this initiative that now opens its eyes before the imminent demolition of what it was known as the former oil factory of Uruguay.

Finally, who managed to concrete the current project was Remo Monzeglio, tourism advisor of the Municipality of Paysandú, who made possible that investors got interested in the project until they turned it into the beautiful reality in which it has become these days.

The importance of such constructions benefits the community in general from diverse perspectives. On one hand, employment generation will help the development of the town, as well as the collocation in several work places, which will give support for many families.

On the other hand, locals from Paysandú will enjoy the mall privileges, where many shops, entertainment and services, will increase their quality of life at the same time as they benefit from many aspects of daily life. The bus terminal also marks an important milestone, since it opens the entrances and exits of the city in a more modern and faster way.

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