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Location of Almiron Hot Springs

Location of Almiron Hot Springs

Almirón Hot Springs are in Paysandú province, in Uruguay. Their nearest city is Guichón, which is 5 kilometers from them. Alongside them, it is Guayabo Chico stream.

How to Get to Almirón Hot Springs

There are many alternatives to reach the Hot Springs. Argentinian people are regulars to the place due to their geographical proximity. They reach them crossing General Artigas International Bridge, up to Paysandú city. Important cities of this country are not very far away from the resort. Some of them are Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Rosario.

Coming from the capital of Argentina, the journey can be completed in approximately 4 hours. 

There are routes that connect them with Montevideo quite directly. Besides, owing to the importance of the resort, there are daily departures, in several timetables during the day, of buses that make a direct journey to the Hot Springs.  

As their location in Uruguayan territory is quite central, reaching from different parts of the country is not difficult. 

The option of getting to them by land from their neighbouring countries may increase the idea of the holidays of your dreams. All this while you can get to know several places of great interest and, above all, beauty, until reaching the ideal place for resting.

As the Hot Springs opened their doors 40 years ago, this life of various decades has made that their location is surrounded by multiple attractions and that the route to them is provided with places where to eat, sleep and getting to know things connected to the resort, while others not so much. 

Therefore, if you want to know and enjoy the Almirón Hot Springs attractions, the options for getting to them are diverse and good fun.


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