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How to Reach Almirón Hot Springs

How to Reach Almirón Hot Springs

Reaching Almirón Hot Springs is very simple, you will have to drive up to the town of Guichón, from where there are 5 km to the Hot Springs. What follows is an explanation about how to reach Almirón Hot Springs by different means.


Near Paysandú there are 2 airports. They are small and one of them is official, while the other is private. Only few flights land here, but many of them come from Montevideo, Brazil and Argentina.

By Land

From Paraguay: from Asuncion you should take route 123 (Resistencia-Corrientes) or by route 14 Encarnación-Posadas. This way you will reach Uruguay by uruguayana-Bella Unión. From here, take route 3 until reaching Paysandú.

From Argentina: the access spot is by General San Martín bridge in Fray Bentos, province of Río Negro. You can reach by routes 9, 12 and 14. Once you have crossed the bridge, take route 2 and the provinces of Soriano and Colonia intersect. Here you will find route 1, which takes you to Montevideo.

Argentinian route 14 gives access to the city of Colón, attached to Paysandú (Uruguay), by General Artigas international bridge. Route 3 joins with route 1 in the south. The route is the same if you enter by Concordia through the Artentinian route 14, crossing Salto Grande dam up to Salto city and from there to Paysandú.

From Brazil: you have to enter the country from the province of Rivera or from El Chuy. BR 158 ends in Rivera-Livramento city, 512 km north of Montevideo, directly connected by route 5.

La BR 471 reaches up to El Chuy, from where you return to Montevideo by route 9, I recommend the entire coast of this country.

Routes the Cross Paysandú

Route 3: San José-Trinidad-Young-Paysandú-Salto-Artigas.

Route 26: Paysandú-Tacuarembó-Melo.

Secondary national route: number 90. It starts in the province capital and goes through Guichón city and Tres Árboles. Besides, we connect directly with Argentinian Republic by Gral. Artigas International Bridge. You circulate in the province through 480 km of paved roads and 1500 km of affirmed gravel roads.

Distances from Paysandú to different cities:

Distances to main cities

Santiago de Chile (Chile)1,800 km

Valparaiso (Chile)2,250 km

Buenos Aires (Argentina)  350 km

Asuncion (Paraguay)950 km

Rio Grande (Brazil)540 km

Porto Alegre (Brazil)850 km

San Pablo (Brazil)1,950 km

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)2,400 km

Montevideo378 km

Parana265 km

Santa Fe306 km

Buenos Aires335 km

Rosario 472 km

Cordoba655 km



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