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Accommodation in Almirón Hot Springs

Accommodation in Almirón Hot Springs

Owing to the relevance and great interest that Almirón Hot Springs generate among Uruguayans and foreign tourists, these count with a range of offers shown as a great variety when it comes to accommodate in them or nearby, being able then to offer a service that thinks and covers all different types of people, customs and budgets of who, year after year, come to this place.

Accommodation in Almirón Hot Springs

Alongside the hot springs, only a few meters from them, there is a camping site that offers a more linked to sharing with nature alternative. The non regulars to this kind of place can benefit from going to the hot springs using it as a way of living new accommodation experiencies and live the instances of going out. 

In the resort itself, there is some accommodation to rent and for those who take this accommodation alternative. Besides, there are cabins which belong to municipality and that are at the service of tourists. The cabins are furnished in a very complete way, making it possible to cook, wash, a suitable rest, cable tv, internet and a series of details that give ease and tranquility for those who have them. Another good option is the one of the hotels that are inside it.

If you want to spend a few days in the resort, mainly if it is during holiday weeks or long weekends, the most recommended is doing it in advance, since because of being a place of great touristic interest and also of rest, a great amount of people come here. 

Outside of what it is the land of the resort itself, in which are the hot springs, there are hotels which are intended to provide with options to the proximities in order to offer varied instances which allow to get the most of what these offer.

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