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National Day of the Native Seed and Family Farming

National Day of the Native Seed and Family Farming

Almirón hot springs have prepared a couple of celebration days, it is the celebration of the 6th Edition of the National Day of the Native Seed and Family Farming, which will be taking place specifically the 25th and 26th this April.

Therefore, the nearest locals to Guichón in Paysandú, and even tourists who are just passing on these dates, will be able to enjoy the whole event, which has been prepared to carry out this popular and expected party.

Seed Day in Guichón

It has become known that in this occasion the motto of the celebration will have is ‘the native seeds and the land, property of the lands at Human service.’

Very much is expected from this celebration, and it happens that apart from counting with the support and auspices of the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of the Republic, and of the Municipality of Guichón. 

It will take place the great opportunity of achieving the contact between the several main producers of Uruguay, along with the organizations of the National Web of Native Seeds and the people who go to enjoy this event.

In the frame of the preparation of the 6th National Day of the Native Seed and Family Farming, it is planned a Biodiversity Market that will allow the exchange of several seeds, apart from a good testimony presentation and round tables about the National Plan of Agroecology.

The opportunity will be also used to give some workshops and guided tours.

The attendants will be able to get the most from each of the activities of the Celebration, as well as using each part of the place, since there is the possibility of accommodation inside the hot springs resort in completely free tents. 

Let’s remember that the hot springs are located in kilometer 83,5, route 90 in Paysandú.


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